RembrandtPark Group

Your partner to substantially grow the business

Currently we have 450 software developers with our (contracted) Partners in the Czech Republic and Romania.

Our referrals are (amongst others) in the field of Banking, Insurance, FinTech, Trading (Clearing and Broker), Leasing, Software and Telco. They are corporate (international) companies as well as start-up initiatives (for instance bitcoin, e-wallet and e-broker).

Solutions are software for the core business of clients, portals, apps and mobile, as well as integration and information (Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Intelligence (BI), Data Warehouse, Big Data and Data Science)

Execution can be done in a Project or with a (extended) team and the delivered solution can be supported in a service model (Service center, 24/7). Takeover, restructuring and scaling up of your existing software platform can be done in full service.