RembrandtPark Group

Your partner to substantially grow the business

Software Development & Business Intelligence

In a rapidly changing world, innovative companies are starting or upscaling their business initiatives.

The required skilled ICT resources are very scarce in the western economies, but available in central and eastern European countries.

RembrandtPark Group bridges east and west, supporting our ambitious clients to rapidly grow their business.

We provide the best fitting solution for businesses that require scalable and affordable capacity for solid and fast software and business intelligence development.

We call that Smart Shoring Solutions.


When you are in need for experience or expertise we can (temporary) strengthen your team.

Our international experience is primarily in the sectors ICT, HCM, Banking & Insurance (FinTech), Professional Services and Outsourcing.

We can participate in the Supervisory or Advisory Board, and act as manager operations, strategic consultant.

In case the offered corporate governance is not to your needs, you might search for a co-founder. RembrandtPark Group can fill in such role.

Being a co-founder, RembrandtPark Group can participate.