RembrandtPark Group

Your partner to substantially grow the business

Smart Shoring Solutions

In a rapidly changing world, innovative companies are starting or upscaling their business initiatives.

The required skilled ICT resources are very scarce in the western economies, but available in central and eastern European countries.

RembrandtPark Group bridges east and west, supporting our ambitious clients to rapidly grow their business.

Our business is simply put finding you the best fitting partner or partners to develop, test and maintain your software with you and managing the delivery by our partner(s). In case our existing partners do not have the required expertise or capacity available, we will find new partners and bring them into our programme. This approach shows you evidently our independent position in the market.

Our services are part of the contract you will agree with our partner(s). We will not charge you our effort to find you the right partner(s). 

For the whole lifecycle RembrandtPark Group remains your point of contact. We strive for sustainable relationships, high quality of services and optimal client satisfaction.

All our partners work accordingly the same terms and conditions as well as procedures, captured in a master agreement with RembrandtPark Group. This way you can be assured of a uniform way of working together, regardless your choice of partner(s).

Capacity can be made available in a (dedicated)  team or in a project; scalable and affordable.

Are you considering to develop your own nearshore team and to manage it yourselve (eventually)? We can support you to establish this.

RembrandtPark Group:

  • Independent
  • Transparent and solution focussed
  • Strong service mind set and entrepreneurial
  • Flexible and pragmatic
  • The best fitting capacity
  • Choice of a dedicated team and project base
  • Substantial lower cost
  • Master agreements – fast on boarding
  • Uniform processes contribute to highest quality of services
  • Long term relationship instead of long term obligation
  • Scalability – flexibility

We provide the best fitting solution for businesses that require scalable and affordable capacity for solid and fast software development, testing and maintenance.

Are you interested in our services?  We are pleased to meet and exchange thoughts on how we can help you to achieve your ambition to grow.

Feel free to reaching out using our contact details below.